Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cartoon's becoming reality

Meadham Kirchoff SS12

Since my trip to Tokyo, I have been fascinated by the culture. The fashion is colourful, crazy, cute, wacky and quite simply light years ahead of the western world. The craze for luxury labels is seen everywhere in the frantic city. The need for real fur is very apparent, every street corner selling fur trimmed bags, clothes, key rings and even a real fur hair slide I spotted. Music pumping through speakers on the pavement, lights bulbs flash up and down buildings. The Streets are awash with Harajuku girls giggling down the high street with 25 key rings swinging from their bags. It’s an incredible sight. You can just stand there and watch the city rush from A to B in a split second. The bustling city renowned for its fashion and unique street style is why many designers take inspiration from the hugely populated city. Seen here at the Meadham Kirchhoff Spring Summer SS12 show last year. It’s clear that the girls from Tokyo influenced the two boys from Central Saint Martin’s. Popping from stores everywhere are sweet candy pastels, cartoon prints and ice cream sweetness.
Sickly sweet or Delectably Delicious?? ...

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